Damien Échevin Ph.D.

Economist, with expertise in development and health issues

Education: ENSAI and Ph.D. Economics, Université de Paris 1

Affiliations: Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, CRCHUS, CIRPEE, CEDIA

Other: econ3d.com (development policy & impact evaluation),

apexmachina.com (health data science)

Email: damien.echevin@usherbrooke.ca

Skills Summary

I am an economist and associate researcher at the Clinical Research Center of the University of Sherbrooke and the Department of Economics at Laval University. I specialise in economic research, statistical and econometric methodologies, and consulting for nearly 20 years with leading international organizations and governments. I have extensive experience in data analysis and data collection for the development of economic strategies.

I started my career as an economist with the French Treasury. I moved to the World Bank to join the Poverty Reduction and Economic Management network, for which I worked in West Africa as a poverty economist. I then became a professor at Sherbrooke University where I started conducting collaborative research on the healthcare system.

As a consultant, my expertise in development economics and within the healthcare sector are keys in understanding and assessing the impact of policies and programs as well as major issues related to their implementation. By assisting public sector organizations, I aim to contribute towards the implementation of innovative interventions and efficient redistributive mechanisms, favoring human development and the autonomy of targeted poor, vulnerable or diseased populations.

  • Research papers and reports
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  • Services

    My role as an economist is to mostly be in the field, in touch with the data and tackled problematics, in a multidisciplinary context. With a significant experience in analytics and data collection, I lead teams for social and economic assessments, program evaluations and targeting purposes.

  • Consulting and research studies
  • Data collection activities

    I have created two firms. One is supporting health sector players in developing their strategies for integrating new technologies to valorise data and improve data collection. The other has been co-founded with Harold Coulombe. Our vast in-field experience in various development contexts is complemented by more academic and policy-oriented approaches to provide a range of services for the development and collection of survey data, socio-economic assessment and program evaluation activities. Both teams are comitted together in several exciting data-driven projects around the world.

  • Consulting services for data-driven strategies in the healthcare sector
  • Consulting services for data-driven development