Damien Échevin Ph.D.

Economist, with expertise in development and health issues

Education: ENSAI and Ph.D. Economics, Université de Paris 1

Affiliations: Université Laval, Université de Sherbrooke, CRCHUS, CIRPEE, CEDIA

Other: econ3d.com (development policy & impact evaluation),

apexmachina.com (health data science)

Email: damien.echevin@usherbrooke.ca

Skills Summary

I specialize in economic research and consulting to major international organizations and governments. I build on my expertise in development economics and in the healthcare sector to help understanding and assessing the impact of policies and programs as well as major issues related to their implementation. By assisting public sector organizations, I aim to contribute toward the implementation of innovative interventions and efficient redistributive mechanisms, favoring human development and the autonomy of targeted poor, vulnerable or diseased populations.

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    My role as an economist is to mostly be in the field, in touch with the data and tackled problematics, in a multidisciplinary context. With a significant experience in analytics and data collection, I lead teams for assessment, program evaluation and targeting purposes.

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